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Manual Coating Equipment

Manual Coating Equipment
Manual Coating EquipmentManual Coating EquipmentManual Coating EquipmentManual Coating EquipmentManual Coating Equipment
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Hopper feed unit
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manual box feed unit
digital display for voltage
100KV powder spray coating gun


manual box unit

Manual Powder Coating Systems
China CE Approved Vibrating Powder Coating Gun system

Vibrating Manual Powder Coating Equipment
If your production requires frequent and quick color changes?

Then we would recommend the Colo-500V,
which is designed to use the powder manufacturer's original carton.
Highest flexibility, Minimal color change times, For direct transport
from the original powder carton, Complete emptying of the powder
box thanks to the tilted vibrating base, Integrated Fluidisation

Technical Data

1. Electronic control:
Input voltage: 110-240V 50-60Hz
Input power: 50VA
Output voltage: 0-50VAC
Output frequency: About 17KHz
Output current: 0-0.8A
Pneumatic control:
Input air pressure: 8bar
Output air pressure: 0-6bar
The air source quality: Moisture capacity less than

15g/NM3 oil content less than 0.1mg/NM3
Powder spraying pistol:
Input voltage: 0-50VAC
Input current: 0-0.8A
Output voltage: 0-100KV. DC
Output current: 0-0.15MA
Powder output: About 500g/min (3.5bar output air pressure)

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